Navigating the Changing Landscape of PDHPE Syllabi in NSW

Mar 06, 2024

Teachers in NSW are facing an unprecedented amount of change as new syllabi are rolled out across different subject areas at a rapid pace. This presents both challenges and opportunities for PDHPE teachers to adapt their practice.

The Elephant in the Room
Many PDHPE teachers are feeling overwhelmed by the changes happening. The new Health and Movement Science Syllabus was released last year (July 31, 2024),
but many teachers haven't looked at it due to time restraints and the current pressure they are already facing in the classroom. With implementation starting next year, teachers only have a few terms left to prepare.

Adding to the pressure is the rollout of new K-10 PDHPE, Physical Activity and Sports Studies and Child Studies syllabi over the next few years which teachers will need to simultaneously prepare for while implementing Health & Movement Science. The five hours per term provided by the Department for syllabus familiarisation is not enough time given the scale of changes, which means that advocating for more support will be important.

A New Approach
The Health & Movement Science Syllabus requires some significant adjustments in teaching approach compared to previous PDHPE courses. Critical inquiry, investigation and primary research are now central aspects of the syllabus rather than just existing in senior courses. This represents a big shift that will take time to feel comfortable with.

The Learning Network’s Membership Resources aim to support teachers through this transition. Resources provided decode the syllabi and include scope and sequences, assessment schedules, teaching & learning activities and more to save teachers time. Connecting with other teachers through the memberships also helps alleviate feelings of being alone in the process.

Getting Ahead of the Game
It's understandable that many teachers are still gathering their bearings with Health & Movement Science given it was only recently released. With implementation looming, it's important not to fall behind. Working together through collaborative memberships and resources is the best approach rather than trying to navigate changes independently. That’s exactly why at The Learning Network we are committed to continuing to provide support over the long-term as multiple new syllabi roll out.

The changing landscape presents a challenge but also an opportunity for PDHPE teachers to refine their practice. By accessing support networks, sharing resources and advocating for adequate preparation time, teachers can feel empowered to approach the future with confidence rather than overwhelm. Working collaboratively is key to successful navigation of this transition period.

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