These are some of the publications that I have been lucky enough to contribute to.

Cambridge Checkpoints Community and Family Studies (CAFS) textbook

Bell, K. and Rayner, K. (2021).

Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Community and Family Studies 2022-2023.

Cambridge Checkpoints NSW provides everything you need to prepare for your HSC exams in a go-anywhere format that fits easily into your schoolbag. Most Cambridge Checkpoints NSW titles are now also supported by the Cambridge Checkpoints Quiz Me or QuizMeMore App, a mobile/web app with exam-style quizzes, responses, and scoring to help you prepare for success in your HSC examinations.

  • Official past exam questions
  • Brand new exam prep questions
  • Suggested responses
  • Study notes


Nelson Community and Family Studies (CAFS) Textbook

Beattie, A., Girvan, B., Rayner, B., Rayner, K., and Bell, K. (2015). 

Nelson Community and Family Studies Preliminary and HSC (2nd Edition).

Nelson Community and Family Studies: Preliminary & HSC, second edition, continues its fresh, practical approach to this contemporary discussion-based subject.

This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers and students of Community and Family Studies. It provides a concise and thorough basis for study and reviews all components of the Preliminary and HSC course. Each topic area is supported with current research articles, engaging case studies and activities to help reinforce major syllabus outcomes. The text demonstrates the interrelationships between each topic area and it is an essential tool for all students wanting to succeed in CAFS.


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