7 Things To Love About The New Health and Movement Science Syllabus

Aug 04, 2023

 As an experienced teacher and coach in the field of PDHPE and CAFS, I cannot contain my excitement about the new Health and Movement Science (HMS) Syllabus. Having taken a deep dive into its content, I am truly in awe of the thoughtfulness and relevance it brings to Stage 6 PDHPE. Read on to see why I am SO thrilled to share my passion for the new syllabus and why I believe it brings us a fresh approach to Stage 6 PDHPE.

1/ A Perfect Blend of Familiar and Innovative Topics

The new Health and Movement Science Syllabus strikes a perfect balance between familiar areas of study from Stage 6 PDHPE and exciting new inclusions. Exciting new topics, such as sleep, psychology, and other health areas, add depth and relevance to the course. The thoughtful combination ensures students remain engaged and connected to real-life issues.

2/ Focus on the Health of Young People

The health of young people becomes a mandatory part of the course, providing an excellent opportunity to take a deep dive into their wellbeing. Students gain a real-life perspective on current health trends, issues, and behaviours in Australia. The focus on young people fosters a genuine interest in the subject matter, making the syllabus more relatable to students' lives.

3/ Interactive Syllabus Overview

The new Health and Movement Science Syllabus features an interactive overview, making it easy for educators to grasp its structure and content. Clear alignment with content and learning outcomes streamlines lesson planning and creates engaging learning experiences. Educators can confidently navigate the Health and Movement Science Syllabus and create meaningful lessons for their students.

4/ The Depth of Content

The overlap with other courses like CAFS provides opportunities to connect different areas of study and create holistic learning experiences. The inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals fosters global citizenship and responsibility. Students gain valuable knowledge related to human movement and health through concepts like biomechanics and energy systems.

5/ Connecting with the current syllabus

Concepts like biomechanics and energy systems show familiarity between the Health and Movement Science Syllabus and PDHPE syllabus. The emphasis on practical research fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills in real-world scenarios. Students develop a deeper understanding of health and movement, paving the way for a more balanced lifestyle.

6/ Significance of Psychology and Mind-Body Connection

The Health and Movement Science Syllabus  brings psychology and the Mind and Movement concepts to the forefront. Students can explore the work of experts like Ben Crowe, understanding the profound impact of the mind-body connection on overall wellbeing. The inclusion of psychology enables students to develop a holistic understanding of health and movement.

7/ Support and Resources inside the Health & Movement Science Membership

Introducing the Health & Movement Science membership, providing ongoing support and resources for educators. Access to valuable materials, guidance, and tools to enhance teaching methods and help students excel in the new syllabus. Together, we can elevate the teaching experience and make a positive impact on our students' learning journey. Find out more at thelearnnet.com/hms

My Honest Thoughts…

The new Health and Movement Science Syllabus is a beacon of hope for educators and students alike. With its thoughtful blend of familiar and innovative topics, focus on the health of young people, and inclusion of psychology and Mind and Movement concepts, the syllabus sets a new standard in Stage 6 PDHPE. Through the support and resources offered in the Health and Movement Science Membership, teachers can confidently navigate the new syllabus and create meaningful learning experiences for their students. Together, let us embrace this exciting journey and prepare our students to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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