Episode #44 Five Lessons for 2022

educator to entrepreneur goals lessons mindset teacher wellbeing Dec 15, 2022
The Learning Network Episode 44, Five Lessons for 2022 with Kelly Bell..

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast, I will be chatting to you about 5 lessons I have learnt throughout 2022! 

This year has been a bit of a different one for me and I just wanted to share some things I have learnt in my personal life and work life as I moved into my 3rd year of my business!

One of the biggest lessons has been about making it it happen, adopting the mindset "I want to do this. I can make it happen."

This mindset is how I decided to dive into the new arm of my business, Educator to Entrepreneur! The idea was something that I floated in a podcast episode with Tina Tower for her Empire Builder Podcast. I said to her, "What if I could show teachers they can have this business on the side or completely leave the classroom to pursue a dream they had for themselves!" Once I had the idea, I hit the ground running and am so excited to see what becomes of it in 2023!

So join me as I chat about making your dreams happen, wellbeing, surrounding yourself with the right people, gratitude, positivity and more!

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