Episode #38 CAFS Teachers Never Stop Learning

cafs goals impact strategy support teacher wellbeing the cafs collective Nov 04, 2022
The Learning Network Podcast Episode 38, CAFS Teachers Never Stop Learning with Kelly Bell

This episode of The Learning Network Podcast is going to be all about why we never stopped learning as CAFS teachers.

Even after 18 years of CAFS experience, co-authoring 2 textbooks, marking exams and presenting professional learning for the best part of 12 years, there's always something new to learn, always room to grow.

In this episode I'm joined by two of my beautiful CAFS Collective members, Kate Hampstead and Courtney Pershouse, who I interviewed throughout the year.

Both of these amazing teachers has taken a number of different courses inside the Learning Network but are here to chat today about why they continue to back themselves, why they continue to do professional learning, and why it is so important to be surrounded by like minded teachers.

As Courtney and Kate talk about their experience in The CAFS Collective, they reveal the power of having people around you get it, who are there for support and are so generous with sharing resources and ideas. 

If you're ready to join The CAFS Collective, check it out at thelearnnet.com/collective!

You can find this episode's show notes at thelearnnet.com/38.