Episode #33 Getting the Right Kids into CAFS

cafs engaging hsc impact inclusion practical strategic teacher wellbeing Sep 12, 2022

In this week's episode, I am joined by a very special guest, Sharna Dawson. Sharna has a very extensive 20-year career in education, working as a PDHPE teacher for 8 years before retraining. Sharna found her passion in working with students to discover their careers, so she completed a graduate certificate in career development.

After seeing so many students miss out on career opportunities due to a lack of confidence or knowledge, she wanted to give students information on how to be job ready, access amazing courses and be confident when they choose to enter the workforce. Sharna has created the most amazing programme across New South Wales, delivering this type of skill and knowledge to students.

Today, Sharna will unpack what you can do to get the right kids into the CAFS course and keep them there. She's also going to dive into some common myths around CAFS and what you can do to capture the students you want and build that sense of community & passion in your course!

We also chat about the IRP, a very small part of our CAFS course which often adds a lot of unnecessary stress & creates so much extra marking. It doesn't have to be like that & I can show you how in my Strategic Approaches to the IRP course, which has helped over 250 CAFS teachers across NSW facilitate the IRP successfully without sacrificing their time and wellbeing in the process.

Visit thelearnnet.com/33 to grab the episode show notes and visit thelearnnet.com/irp to learn more about the Strategic Approaches to the IRP course!