Episode #31 Community and Family Studies isn't a GIRLS Subject

cafs community and family studies diversity engaging goals impact inclusion promotingcafs understanding Jul 13, 2022

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast I'm absolutely thrilled to be joined by the beautiful CAFS teacher Jess George-Loulach to chat about some of the misconceptions surrounding CAFS, especially the idea that it is a subject just for girls!

CAFS has so many real world lessons embedded within the course & can set students up for personal & professional success, no matter their gender.

Jess is such a hard worker, dedicated member of The CAFS Collective & is very passionate about our course. I can't wait for you to learn so much from her as she unpacks some of those big secrets to promoting CAFS across her new school. 

If you want some more tools to help you let potential students know what CAFS is all about, check out my free "Tools to Promote CAFS" download in the show notes!

Listen along & grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/31!