Episode #29 What it's really like to mark HSC CAFS

endgame exams feedback marking strategy teachingmethod Jun 30, 2022

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast I chat to you about what it's really like to mark the Year 12 CAFS examinations.

After 16 years of marking HSC CAFS, I learned the ins & outs of how the HSC works, what the markers are looking for & what students can do to best prepare themselves for their exam. Providing that feedback to my students was one of the most valuable and satisfying things I was able to do as a teacher, the ability to provide them with lots of strategy about what they're doing well about what they can do to improve and level up their success in CAFS.

Marking gives you an opportunity to see what you're really doing, if it's working or not, and whether your students are actually understanding & learning what you're teaching them. After marking over such a long period of time, I had the opportunity to reflect on what I was doing, what I was doing well, whether my students were getting what I was teaching them and then what I could do and shift and change to make a bigger difference in the classroom with my students

Setting your students up for success in their exams is reliant on confident judgements, meaningful teaching & lessons & skills taught with the end goal in mind.

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