Episode #28 Transforming Your Workspace

cafs practical productivity teacher wellbeing workspace May 25, 2022
Community and Family Studies teaching and learning spaces.

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast I'm joined by Melissa Marsden to talk about how we can be more effective & more efficient by maximising our teaching and learning workspaces (so important for Community and Family Studies teachers to protect their time and wellbeing). 

Melissa Marsden is a workplace strategist as well as the director and founder of COMUNiTI, which is a commercial workplace Design Studio, & in this episode she stresses the importance of alternative spaces which support really deep cognitive thinking.

Now, I know what some of our workspaces (including our Community and Family Studies teaching and learning spaces) look like, old, dingy & tired with clutter everywhere and I know many of us get distracted by various things, including various tasks or conversations with our colleagues that aren't necessarily maximising our potential or productivity.

So, join us for an insightful conversation that will open up your eyes to what we can really learn from businesses to make our own workspaces a lot more effective.

Grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/28