Episode #25 Unlock the Secrets to the Glossary of Key Words

cafs glossary practical strategic May 04, 2022

Introducing episode 25 of The Learning Network Podcast!

In this episode, I explain the importance of the Glossary of Keywords & unpack strategies that can be used to ensure your students have the best chance of success in CAFS & beyond.

Demonstrating and applying a thorough understanding of exam questions & course content is reliant on the appropriate use of language, with keywords informing the direction & nature of a response.

So many teachers & students don't realise the impact that these words have on their students answers and, as a result, they or their students are missing out on crucial marks.

To help you out, I have created the free download "Unlocking the Secrets of the Glossary of Keywords" which will show some of this episode's tips actually put into practice. The download will bring you a whole heap of resources to help your students, not just in their CAFS classroom or PDHPE classroom, but all across every faculty from Year 7, all the way through to Year 12. Find it in the show notes or at thelearnnet.com/unlockthesecrets!

So jump into today's highly practical episode where you will get lots of new strategies to help your students improve their responses by really embedding those keywords & verbs!

 Grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/25