Episode #23 Become a Marking Ninja in Community and Family Studies

cafs community and family studies engaging feedback formative assessment goals marking method purpose strategic teacher wellbeing Apr 06, 2022

Join me in this week's episode of The Learning Network Podcast as I chat with Bel Harotounian about her five top tips to becoming a Marking Ninja in Community and Family Studies!

We chat about what you can do to improve the way you mark your Year 11 and Year 12 Community and Family Studies students, as well as give them feedback about their learning which will ultimately improve their knowledge, understanding and skills in preparation for the HSC.

We also chat about my Marking Experience in CAFS offer which has just re-launched! Sign up to join me and 3 expert guests for a day of clarity & confidence building so you can expertly prepare you students for the HSC!

Grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/23 and check out Marking Experience in CAFS HERE!