A Sneak Peek at What's in Store for PDHPE & Community and Family Studies within The Learning Network in 2024

Jan 04, 2024

In our latest episode of The PDHPE & CAFS Podcast, I share an exciting sneak peek at our plans and vision for The Learning Network in 2024. As the founder and leader of The Learning Network, I have supported PDHPE and CAFS teachers for nearly four years (after leaving the classroom, but over 12 years in PL across NSW) through high-quality resources, online learning and a strong sense of community.

2023 marked another big year of growth and impact for The Learning Network. We strengthened our existing The CAFS Collective membership, which have provided ongoing support to over 95 teachers throughout the year plus introduced our Health & Movement Science Membership which has 45 new members. Our Members receive new resources every three weeks, as well as online masterclasses covering important topics based on their needs and wants. My commitment to consistency hopefully ensures that PDHPE and CAFS teachers feel supported in their learning and planning every step of the way.

Looking ahead to 2024, we have some big, juicy plans to take the support provided by The Learning Network to the next level. With the impending release of the new K-10 PDHPE syllabus, we recognise the increased need for assistance amongst teachers. To address this, we will be launching two new dedicated memberships - one focused on K-6 PDHPE and the other supporting 7-10 PDHPE teachers.

It is my greatest passion and drive to help teachers across New South Wales feel less stressed and overwhelmed through the provision of high-quality resources. Having taught in the classroom for 16 years across all PDHPE courses, I understand the pressures teachers face. With The Learning Network taking the planning burden off teachers' shoulders, more time can be dedicated to developing students.

In addition to strengthening existing memberships and launching new ones, I also announced a range of other initiatives The Learning Network has in store for 2024. Two face-to-face conferences will provide opportunities for connection and collaboration - a Health & Movement Science Summit in March and the annual CAFS Conference in October. Resources covering all PDHPE courses and stages will also continue to be developed throughout the year.

Consistency has been a driving force behind our success in The Learning Network, and I remain committed to building a welcoming community where teachers feel heard, supported and able to create resources together. Through The Learning Network, I hope to help as many PDHPE and CAFS teachers as possible feel less stressed and more able to focus on the joy of student learning.

2024 is shaping up to be a big year of growth and impact for us. By launching new memberships, hosting conferences and providing a wealth of high-quality resources, The Learning Network aims to take PDHPE and CAFS teacher support to new levels. My vision for consistent collaboration and community strength will see many more teachers enriched in their practice.