Episode #15 There's Always a Method to My Madness

cafs community and family studies endgame feedback formative assessment goals intention leadership maddess method purpose strategic strive teacher wellbeing teachingmethod the cafs collective Feb 09, 2022
The Learning Network Podcast Episode 15, There's Always a Method to My Madness with Kelly Bell

Hey CAFS Crew! 

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast I chat to you about the methods behind my madness. 

If you've working with me in any capacity, you will know there is always a reason or a purpose behind what I do. 

My students would often ask why we were doing things a certain way, why we were colour coding and why we were writing things that way and I would tell them that there is always a reason. 

Being strategic and purposeful in the CAFS classroom is so important, but I didn't always teach this way. As I've mentioned before, when I first started teaching I had the syllabus, I had the purple textbook and I spent way too much time planning lessons without a clear end game. 

But now, I know what a band 6 looks like, I know what it takes to get from a band 3 to a band 4. Through my years of teaching, and now supporting students and teachers through The Learning Network, I've seen it all.

You have to see what the endgame looks like so you know what you are preparing your students for and can see how everything fits together. 

So join me as I discuss how to ensure you have INTENTION, STRATEGY and PURPOSE in your CAFS classroom!

Episode and show notes: thelearnnet.com/15


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