On this episode of the PDHPE and CAFS Podcast, I'm joined by teacher and entrepreneur Ash from Rainbow Sky Creations to share strategies for incorporating PDHPE into your busy primary classroom. Ash shares tips for timetabling health and PE lessons, using movement to start the day, and breaking down sports skills.

Episode Highlights

  • Timetable dedicated health lessons to avoid them getting swept aside
  • Use movement like yoga stretches or GoNoodle dances to start the day and energise learners
  • Break down sports into fundamental skills like throwing, catching, running instead of focusing on full sports
  • Incorporate student expertise by having them teach peers skills in sports they play
  • Ask more experienced teachers and utilise existing resources instead of reinventing the wheel each year


Find out more about Rainbow Sky Creations at https://rainbowskycreations.com/
Follow Rainbow Sky Creations on Insta at https://www.instagram.com/rainbowskycreations/

Show Notes 


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