In this episode of The Learning Network's Community & Family Studies Podcast, I will be chatting to you about 5 lessons I have learnt throughout 2022! 

This year has been a bit of a different one for me and I just wanted to share some things I have learnt in my personal life and work life as I moved into my 3rd year of my business! 

Join me as I chat about wellbeing, surrounding yourself with the right people, gratitude, making your dream happen, positivity and more!

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Episode Intro:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to episode number 44 of the learning podcast. This is Kelly bell. And today we're chatting about my five lessons for 2022. If you listen to last year's lessons I shared with you 40 lessons in 40 years because I turned 40. Now, I'm not going to bore you and share with you 41 lessons I'm going to share with you my five top lessons for this year. So really about what I've learned through life and business. And this year has been a different year, I think, for me, I am going into my third year of business. You know, things Things are good. And I really loved this year, for lots of different reasons. There were challenging moments, which you know, you guys didn't see that you guys don't see or hear what I share. I don't openly talk about those things. Because I don't really believe in air, your dirty laundry on social media. That's just me. And I am a bit of a glass half full kind of person, I believe in zero negativity. And today you'll hear a little bit about that. So five lessons for 2022. Let's dive in.

Podcast intro:

Hey, I'm Kelly Bell. Welcome to The Learning Network Podcast. I guide Community and Family Studies teachers, newbies and experienced, through best practice to improve knowledge, increase empowerment and alleviate stress, to help you and your students to make meaningful connections across the course. I will share strategic and purposeful applications from my 16 years experience in the classroom that I have adopted to increase student motivation, enjoyment, engagement and results. Together, we will grow and transform your CAFS crew to the next level without impacting your sleep and wellbeing process. To join my free how to improve writing and fast track results webinar, head to So tune in, get inspired and let's connect, learn and grow together. 



Hey, everyone, welcome back to another podcast episode. You're with Kelly Bell. And this is podcast episode number 44. Today I'm sharing with you my five lessons for 2022. Now, if you listen back my episode last year, I did 40 lessons in 40 years, because I turned the big four O last year. And today I'm not going to share with you my 41 lessons, I'm gonna share with you my five top lessons for this year. And look, I always think that there's learning in everything no matter what we do. There's always some sort of learning that's happening. And we can learn from it and grow from it.

So the first one is around protecting your time, energy and wellbeing. Making sure you're setting aside time for yourself. You're actually being really intentional with your time. You're trying to be, you know, really mindful about what you're doing, who you're hanging out with. Things that you say yes to because our time is so precious. We don't get it back. And those Community and Family Studies teachers who listened to my podcast, you guys would know that time is a resource, it's a limited resource that we can't get back again. So it's really important that we have that time, and we protect it. So protecting our energy is also really important. I know for me, some people that I hang out with will drain my energy. And I think well, you know what, I'm not going to spend more time with that person because you drain my energy. It's really important to protect your energy, you need to show up, you need to be there for your kids, for your classes, for your family, for your partner, for your friends, for your for your mum, and Dad, we all have these different roles that we have to play. And I think it's really important to step back and go, You know what, I'm going to protect my energy, because again, it's limited. Once we drain that energy, we can feel it in ourselves and kind of go you know what I've had too many late nights or I've you know, had big weekends I need to cut back I've done too much as a family. Let's just take some time and space to recharge and to recover. So protecting your well being is also really important. And I think for me that's another lesson for this year. I've been super good with a gym about five days a week, ordinarily, maybe six outside of netball season so looking after myself there. I pretty much eat the same sort of food all the time. I do have treats. You know, most of us do to have a bit of a break from eating healthy all the time. But look, I think really looking after ourselves is really important getting enough sleep and I have been really good this year about going okay, it's nine o'clock if I want to get up tomorrow morning at 515 to go to the gym and to back up. There's no way that I can go to bed at 10/10:30 So I'm gonna go to bed no matter what and making that happen. Okay, so that's number one, protecting your time, energy and well being that's been my number one lesson.


Number two lesson for this year is surround myself with people who lift me up. And that kind of goes hand in hand with time and energy. It's really important for you, for me, for us to surround ourselves with people who lift us up, because some people can be really draining. And then I work when I worked. In my last school, most of the people I worked with in my faculty really drained my energy. I wasn't being my best self when I was around those people. And then that had an impact on my well being my life, my health, and of course, it has flown effects, you know, to your immediate family. So surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, you know, if you want to have a girls weekend, or want to go out the boys, you know, for a boy's weekend away, making that time setting that saw that time aside to hang out with those people who lift you up, you know, making a really intentional, okay, no devices after dinner, put them away. We're going to have some time to ourselves. And I think for me, that's something that we're still working on as a family devices and phones and laptops and iPads in the house. But making sure we're actually surrounding ourselves with people who actually lift us up. Okay, so it's number two.


Number three is to be really grateful. That's another lesson I've had this year. And to be grateful for the small moments, the small moments in time that we get to spend with our families, our children, our classes for me, you guys. My CAFS (Community and Family Studies) crew. Even jumping into a zoom with a mark in a masterclass session, just being so grateful to be able to come live to a whole group of CAFS (Community and Family Studies) students, when you know there might be hours and hours away kilometres away from where I live. So just being grateful for the small moments that we get to have in life. And to savour those moments, a really great book that I've read this year was happy by Turia Pitt, she talks about this concept of being grateful for savouring those moments. And also looking forward to them is an acronym that I cannot remember off the top of my head. But I'll think of it hopefully, towards the end. So that's really important. I think, for me to be grateful for the small moments. This year, I've probably had maybe 12 to 15 days where the kids school stuff has kind of impacted on my work. And at some point, I kind of gone well, you know, do I really want to do that? Do I really want to spend another day doing that sporting event going or watching driving, you know, an hour away to watch the sport. But like I said, the beginning time is very limited, I probably wouldn't have that chance again, when you know, cash goes to high school next year, I won't have that chance because I'm pretty sure she won't want her mom joining her at any sporting events in high school. So being grateful for the small moments and relishing those, I suppose is has been a lesson for me. Okay, so that's number three.

Number four is to make it happen. Now, last year, when I went on our business retreat at Noosa, with her Empire Builder, Tina tower as our business coach, she shared that next year's this year's retreat was at Oliver, I've never been to delivery before, it was on my bucket list. And I said, You know what, I'm gonna make that happen. I want to go there. I've always wanted to go. And I made it happen, you know, you put it out to the world, you make it happen. You know, things, you know, even for next year, you'll see this on my socials. I'm going to be really honest. But I've decided to take myself off on a business trip to Palm Springs. Again, I saw my business coach Tina, enjoying America and having a great time learning so much experimenting, and I suppose just enjoying what she had. So I'm off to Palm Springs next year, and I'm gonna learn so much about my business about myself. I've never travelled to the US. We've travelled to Thailand, I think I'm up to like, maybe trip number seven, Fiji twice. We're not much of a traveller in the bill of household been lots to New South Wales, especially Foster, that's our place of choice. But we're not really seasoned travellers. So it's going to be really exciting to go to another country, especially America because it is so big and massive. And that's probably a reason why I didn't or didn't want to come with me. But you know, to make to make things happen to send it out to the world and see what happens. And I suppose for me, that's been a bit of a business learning as well. In everything that I've done. I want to do this. I can make it happen. Cool. I wanted to do the CAFS (Community and Family Studies) conference. Okay, made it happen. And it was amazing. That was one of my highlights of the year. I think all the room in the CAFS (Community and Family Studies) conference are probably my two biggest highlights of the year in business I suppose family stuff you know that that's that's always there but in in, you know, my working life. They weren't my two have highlights and I feel so blessed to have those experiences. And even in my new the new arm of my business, it was something that I floated. In a podcast episode with Tina, Tina interviewed me for her August launch September launched for her Empire Builder, just to say my share my story, my journey. And she said, so cool. What's next, Mike? Oh, I don't know, I haven't really thought about that very, very much. I thought that I might kind of, you know, keep creating resources. And I will like on SLR, exploring early childhood child studies, I thought I thought I might dabble into some other states in their curriculum. But I said to her, what if I could show teachers that they can have this business on the side, or they can transition, or completely leave the classroom to pursue a dream that they had for themselves. So I then you know, kind of doubled and had the great support of our business group, who were cheering me all the way through, but I kind of made it happen. We got COVID. Again, that was early November. And I think time and space gives us so much energy gives us so much time to think, to reflect and to act. And that's what I did, I went okay, I'm gonna make this happen. I'm going to make this happen. If I want my business to move to the next level, if I want to make a bigger impact on education, I can help other people in education make a big impact on their spaces and their communities. So that's what I'm doing. If you haven't followed my story for that. I am supporting educators to entrepreneurs who are either doubling, transition in or transitioned out of the classroom to build a business of their dreams, having the freedom and flexibility that they've always craved. So I feel very, very lucky to have brought this to life. And I have a membership that I will run next year. I also have a business 101 course for educators. And look, I'm hoping to do some events in that conference. Some resources pretty much replicating what I've been able to build in my own CAFS (Community and Family Studies)  business. So that's really exciting for me, but I made it happen, send it out to the world and see what happens. Okay, so that's number four.


Number five. And you'll love this one. I think this is probably one of the biggest lessons I've had this year. And I have had this in the background for such a long time, but it's around zero negativity. So where did this concept come up, come from from the in the first place. I'm pretty sure it was after listening to add Middleton's book zero negativity. So Daniel, and I subscribe to Audible, we share it, we also get access to a number of books every year. And if you want to access any more, you can kind of pay for those in addition to your membership. But I reckon this year, we'll probably read about 30 or 35, Audible books, listen, read, but zero negativity, I think, as well as green lights have been my highlight. I love this book so much it has so many messages for our kids for resiliency for you know, moving into a positive space, have silver linings and things happen for a reason. But also more most importantly, is to have zero negativity, like stuff happens. Stuff happens in life. I think it happens for a reason sometimes. And some people might not agree with that, you know, people losing family members or sicknesses, there's always a positive that we can take from those and I'm very much believing that, you know, if you're diagnosed with leukaemia, you can take a positive out of that and go, You know what, I'm going to get better, I'm going to do lots of clean eating, I'm going to be really mindful of what I drink of what I do, of how I nourish my body of how I exercise and you know, drink plenty of, you know, fresh clean water, all that sort of stuff. You know, it kind of is a timely reminder to stop and to think and go okay, well, what's happening for me, so honestly, I think there's always learning in everything. And things do happen for a reason. And it's really important for us to, to try to be really positive no matter what our kids hear us. Our family members see us. And you know, people look up to us for lots of different reasons. So it's really important, I think, to maintain that, you know, glass half full kind of approach because life's way too short.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed today's episode on five lessons that I've learned for 2022 If you'd like to listen to my 2021 lessons when I turned 40 You can go and grab that one. But I hope this gives you something to think about and let me know. What are your five lessons for this year, in life in work in leisure and send me a message on Instagram Kelly is where I am and I'd love to chat. Alright guys, have a great day. 


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