In this episode of The Learning Network's Community & Family Studies Podcast I dive into how you can swing those Community and Family Studies Classroom doors WIDE open to capture the key to having purpose and strategy with your students.

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Show Transcription


Episode Intro - Kelly:

Hey everyone and welcome to episode number 27. Swing the doors wide open to our community and family studies classrooms. In today's episode, I chat to you about the importance of us collaborating, our sharing together and really networking to be the best teachers we can be. Because you may have noticed that doors are wide open to The CAFS Collective. My Community and Family Studies membership to support you, no matter where you are on your journey if you're inexperienced or if you're super, super experienced, and you've been there and done it all before. The CAFS Collective is perfect for you to feel supported to feel connected, but also to get the most valuable learning that a CAFS teacher can get right now. So if you'd like to learn more, or join us on in the membership, you can head over to We can't wait to support you inside the CAFS Collective.

Podcast Intro - Kelly:

Hey, I'm Kelly Bell. Welcome to The Learning Network Podcast. I guide Community and Family Studies teachers, newbies and experienced, through best practice to improve knowledge, increase empowerment and alleviate stress, to help you and your students to make meaningful connections across the course. I will share strategic and purposeful applications from my 16 years experience in the classroom that I have adopted to increase student motivation, enjoyment, engagement and results. Together, we will grow and transform your CAFS crew to the next level without impacting your sleep and wellbeing process. To join my free how to improve writing and fast track results webinar, head to So tune in, get inspired and let's connect, learn and grow together. 

Episode - Kelly:

Hello CAFS crew a huge welcome to you. Welcome to our Facebook friends. I'm just going to join our Instagram friends as well. So huge Welcome to I'm so excited tonight to bring you the CAFS collective. So a huge welcome Instagram friends. We're going to We're going live in two spots tonight. So going live on Instagram as well as Facebook. So a huge welcome to you. Thank you so much for joining me this evening. I'm super excited to be able to share with you that doors are wide open to the media intake to the CAFS collective. So a huge welcome to Hey, Matt Haley's quite happy well. Tonight we're going to share just a little bit about the membership and about what you're going to expect once you dive into our caste membership. So, at the moment, we have 48 CAFS teachers plus knees or 49 Community family studies teachers across New South Wales who have joined together for a common purpose that absolutely love that. No longer are we competing against each other, where you know, we kind of might not share our resources or we might be too scared to share what we have been doing our classrooms. Our classrooms have been swung wide open. And we're seeing a really big shift in inside the current members inside the CAFS collective within their classrooms within the own teaching practice. But as well as with their confidence in their teaching, and I've absolutely love supporting this current CAFS crew inside the membership so doors are wide open to this immediate intake for the CAFS collective.

So the CAFS Collective is my community femicides membership and it doesn't matter where you aren't in our journey. We literally have CAFS teachers in here who have been teaching the course it's life management. So let me know if that is you. Give me an emoji. Put your hands up and raise your hand proudly. And let us know if you're a current teacher who was taught the life management course. Or maybe even be some of you who taught CAFS in the old home economic days. So let me know if that's you. Because I absolutely love supporting CAFS teachers no matter where you are on your journey, whether you're you're super experienced and been there and done before you've seen lots of syllabus amendments, or you're right the very beginning we have quite a few members inside the CAFS collective who are right in beginning of their journey. And we have ash we have Georgia and we have Maddie and the girls are absolutely loving what we've got to share. So the CAFS Collective is a membership for you, no matter where you are on your journey. It's also a membership where we get to share and collaborate and grow together. As I mentioned before many of us maybe not me, but quite a few of us were quite scared. Hey, Kate. Kate is one of our cast members, as many of us are or workbooks scared to open our doors to our classrooms, but I think the power of us collaborating and joining and learning together is that we kind of get to feed off each other. We get to seek feedback on what we're doing. And this professional learning opportunity is something that I wish I only had when I first started teaching calves back in 2004.

So if you've heard my story before I first started teaching CAFS in 2004 Bright eyed bushy tailed. I was 22 Or three, I think. Daniel and I had just got engaged, and I was appointed to a community Family Science class. However, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. And thanks to my beautiful coordinator, Karen Tillman working at Nagel College. She kind of you know, she said, I trust you. He'll go out and do it. And we have my full support. Karen loves PE and Karen still does love PE but CAFS wasn't her thing. So she said can I trust you? But CAFS is isn't my baby like I'm not really sure but run with it. You have my full support, make it your own. And I did that. I literally did that from the very beginning. I kind of I think for the beginning I had the syllabus. The textbook was a purple textbook back then do you guys remember that one? The purple textbook. The burning Birgit Bernadette Duggan, I think brown Reiner might have been part of that the team Sarah Jones. It kind of evolved over time that textbook and I think I literally have that in a syllabus and I'll take some of them to bed I'm kind of do some quiet reading quiet reading at night. And I would become really familiar with the syllabus. I knew the syllabus not inside and out yet. I knew the syllabus very well. But I didn't really know the skills that my students really needed to improve what they were doing. So other syllabus, I had that document and back then remember how we had to live in groups. If you've been teaching CAFS for a while, remember, those are live in groups we had to teach.

So if some of us now we have four groups that we have to teach back in the day, so when I first started teaching CAFS, we had 11 groups that we had to go under. We didn't have to cover all the content like we do now. But there's lots of stuff that we had to, you know, dive into when when it was back in the early days. So I think for me, having a group like this would have been absolute God's godsend for me, instead of trying to work it out on my own child to watch and observe. So I think back in the early days, I started to Facebook wasn't a thing like it was, it was okay. There was no Facebook groups, there was no, you know, public space like this, then our free content that we get to share and grow together. Back then it was you would go to professional learning. And it was very scarce. There was pretty much no professional learning back in those days for us as CAFS teachers as community Family Studies, teachers, it might have been, I think one of the only things that was off I was on offer was HSC, marking the best professional learning I'm sure any HSC teacher can can ever get, as well as some HSC enrichment days offered by Akbar. So I put up my hand and I said, Yep, I'm pretty keen to run one of these sessions, who did I think I was, I was literally like, What 25 And only teaching the course for about four years back then.

But I put my hand and I said, I've kept throwing myself in the deep end. And I experimented. And I kind of tweaked and changed things. And I kind of grew along the way alongside a few teachers, but I kind of watch and observe didn't really have any, anyone kind of like a coach or mentor showing me the way. So I think for you guys, I feel so blessed to be able to support you guys in such a bigger way, professionally and enjoy just dedicated to community family studies teachers is very rare. I know there are a few things happening in New South Wales, supporting CAFS teachers, but this is very different. You have me and my support. All the way through. You see me in our live month in our live Monday or Tuesday session together where I get to answer your lot your questions live. So our members get to post in a private Facebook group throughout the week. And any question we don't kind of like get your soul together. I think I live on the Monday and I actually answer it there for our members. And we've worked together through issues or problems or if we're looking for some resources, they might put their question in there to kind of be able to you know, I can find some stuff inside our playbook our CAFS playbook, which is all part of the membership. Or I get to kind of dive a bit deeper. More recently, I've actually been going live based on questions that teachers have.

So one of our beautiful CAFS members and Belcher who has taught CAFS since the very beginning since life management, she had a question about her current assessment task and parenting hearing. And so she popped her question in that's actually emailed to me. I said cake, a cake kind of looking at you. She said, I said to her en let's copy the Facebook group and I can actually answer that for you live and give you some feedback. And we kind of went through that way and it was, I think, for her really timely. That's great about our professional learning. I get to create things on the hop on the go according to our members. I get to create pretty much do whatever I want because my professional learning is dedicated to you as CAFS teachers and having someone just that one person to go to. Of course we have our whole group of members and other 48 Beautiful CAFS teachers and a whole heap more you guys join us inside the CAFS collective. But you get to have me as your coach and mentor. And look like I said, if I had something like this when I first started teaching curves, I think I would have kind of cut the bullcrap that I probably taught, I probably would have taught my kids the skills right from the very beginning, I would have really shown them what success looked like from the start rather than kind of flounder my way through and try to work out tomorrow to try to work it out on my own and think for a long time I did.

Like I said, Syllabus textbook. I'll kind of observe quality teachers but there's no PL. Like there is these days for us as both PE teachers test teachers and CAFS teachers more importantly. So inside the membership, we have access to major CAFS coach and mentor your dedicated cast coach and mentor. And like I said, you know limited number of questions, you know, professionally like you feel like you're not heard or you feel like a bit of a bum on the seat. You're like, Can this girl Shut up like all she does is just crap on or she's just asking too many questions. Inside the CAFS collective you have me and you can ask as many questions as you want. And that's a great thing about the CAFS Collective is always evolving and changing and I can actually adopt and change to that. So you have me inside the private Facebook group, as well as your colleagues, other CAFS teachers who are literally there holding our hand along the way. They'd like you. They've been in your shoes that they're going through it at the same time. And I think for us, we take it for granted that there are literally hundreds 1000s of other CAFS teachers just like you across the state doing the exact same thing. And I think for me when I first started teaching CAFS, I crave something like this like a community. And because we teach about community and we teach about families, it does feel like a bit of a family. I think when I first started the CAFS network, so many of you guys would know that you jumped into that. That will happen.

I was on maternity leave. So when I was on mat leave from Lexi. So when Lex was born, I obviously was looking for something to do. And it's my way to give back to CAFS teachers. I started the CAFS Facebook page, and I grew to over 2000 CAFS teachers where we shared resources and ideas and links and that group was so active, that community was so active. I feel so blessed to have so many of those current members still in our orbits still in our sphere. So people like Jane Sleeman and Julie Dalton and Joe Donnelly and Mel Collins, there's so many of you that are literally kind of shut out. You guys are so Katrina bonds, you guys are so active in that Facebook group. And that's, you know, at that point, I kind of wish I had said that now that then I kind of wish I didn't wait so long to teach you guys to support you in some of the CAFS. CAFS community but also inside of learning network now that I get to do so. Having me as your coach and mentor inside our private Facebook group is one part of it having a whole group of other CAFS teachers around New South Wales, who've been there and done it before who are at the beginning of IQ or who aren't super experienced towards the end of their career. We literally get to join each other together. And I get to share my 18 years worth of experience, co writing to textbook presenting professional learning across New South Wales for 12 over 12 years HSC enrichment days for you know the best part of my career. To lock to 1000s of CAFS. CAFS students, I get to see it all I get to see the end game I get to see the kids really struggle at beginning and I get to see what it looks like in the grand finale. So I feel very blessed to do that inside the CAFS collective my membership, you also have access to 12 masterclass sessions for me over the 12 months together so it is a rolling membership.

So there is two payments so you can either join that for a six month six month membership, like a direct debit kind of scheme like your gym membership, you know, you join up, you have your monthly payment that type of thing, or you have your your annual fee. Your annual fee typically is paid by school so an annual payment but the great thing about it is the library the resources and templates are continuing to build so at the moment we have four masterclass sessions already in the portal for you guys to dive into already. We have a bonus session with the guest expert, Dr. Kristy Goodwin, but there are lots of other little bonuses that I've done throughout the time. So it's not a bonus on how to unpack your data at HSC time. I've also done a bonus on running reports. I've also done a bonus which is just about to be dropped is our learning intentions and success criteria and a whole heap of resources for you guys to support you and your well being because I think not many of us and I see it I get to see inside Facebook groups. Does anyone have an assessment task? Do you guys have these? Do you guys have a resource for these? I'm working on this one And that's what I get to literally do and create inside the learning network in our CAFS collective membership for you guys right then and right there to be able to kind of dive into straightaway. So with a membership you get the Facebook group obviously questions galore. Me going live once a week answering your questions, but also the portal which many of you guys are familiar with.

So if you're, if you've dived into Strive, or if you've been part of strategic approaches that IRP over 250 CAFS teachers across New South Wales. If you have been part of market experience our two sessions from last year if you have been part of the CAFS conference last year, or you've kind of had a little sneaky look at all my resources. You'll know the you know that that feedback and that support that I can give you so you know what it's like to work with me. The CAFS colour did is so different it's so much more and if you're thinking I don't have the time to commit to this and I know a few of you guys have been saying kill like I love it. I love the idea but you series I told masterclass sessions, the great thing about it is is that small snippets 45 minutes, all you need is a lesson. And if you miss out on especially if you've got on your own sport to attend to kids sport if you're feeling sick or COVID. Or if you're just not feeling up to it that day of things are happening. John, one of our CAFS members had his wedding very recently. And so I'm pretty sure he's keen to get back into it back into the swing of things that's all sitting there in the portal. So you can actually dive back into it to your heart's content like Netflix. You can start wherever you want. You can finish wherever you want, you can kind of dive into things as they go, and they're all really timely. So they're things that are suited for us at that time as well.

But once you join, now you have that big library that will continue to build over the years. So, you know, but by the time we kind of come around to the next, you know syllabus amendment, you'll have hundreds of resources to be able to support you on your journey. So the CAFS collective also includes access to three guest experts sessions throughout the year, as well as the CAFS playbook. So Tips Tricks, templates, teaching and learning activities, activities, like my tried and tested teaching learning activities that I know that you guys, you know, crave that engagement, that differentiation. You know, a few of our members, Emma and Kate Katie wrote today that Colin looking for something a bit different and I think you know, the amount of resources that you'll get, especially inside the CAFS playbook, you'll really, really love. So, inside that you'll also have access to all of the kind of, I suppose templates that we use. So when feed that run far all that appeal structure, acronyms are the words that we can use to show that we really know our stuff. So the CAFS plays. That playbook is also part of the membership. But you also get 10% off all of my resources, all of my courses as well as the CAFS Conference, which is my Two Day and your CAFS conference. And this year is in the beautiful Killcare. So this year, it's in my hometown, and I wasn't really born here, but we moved to the Central Coast about four or five years ago now. And if you've seen my stories on Instagram or Facebook, you'll know what it looks like pretty Pinterest and we're literally surrounded by the Bush Bay and the beach and they see our CAFS conference is right here in killcare. So, part of your membership. You get a reserved seat at the CAFS conference and you also can access your 10% discount to access the conference, whether it be one or two days totally up to you here in the central coast. And part of our membership also includes a very special VIP dinner just for our members.

So a way to say thank you to you. We have a VIP dinner at the CAFS conference as well. So, look, if you have any questions about the CAFS collective, how you can join? If you you know not sure if it's for you remember, we have all the way the beginning, super, super experienced us bringing together all that experience and that richness that kind of is only kind of, I suppose it only really evident inside the teaching space. And I think for us to be able to grow and learn together is a great benefit of a membership because there's so many different people on different paths, different experiences, and come with lots of different ideas. So that's a great thing about us coming together. So the CAFS membership. The doors are open to the next two and a half weeks. But I want you guys to have access to these resources straightaway. So if you would like to join our membership, remember we have a six month option for me to intake or you also have our annual option which many schools have taken that on where you as a CAFS teacher have my support from right now all the way to next June so I'm super lucky to be able to have that support that constant support that constant check in and I think like we should all skin I want to be a beautiful craftsman this talks about like having your CAFS head teacher. There's never going to be that position. Like let's put it this way. There's never going to be a head teacher CAFS never I don't think in the history of, you know, pain, tears and CAFS, it's just not going to happen. But for me I get to do that. Um, think of me as your head teacher in CAFS your head teacher. You know in our beautiful course our coordinator in CAFS, but you also have the power of that collective group, which is the CAFS community. So if you'd like to know more about my membership doors are wide open. I can't wait to support you guys inside of this membership. And I'd really love for our group to grow to at CAFS teachers. So at the moment, we're at 1448. So you can do the math. But I've set myself some high goals.

So over the next couple of weeks, you see me lots. So I'm going to apologise but also say I'm sorry, I'm not sorry. This is my way to get back to you. This is also my my way to kind of break away from the free content that you see every week and every day, but this is my way to market to you guys. So you'll see me but I'm also sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way over the next two weeks. So if you'd like to know more about my CAFS collective membership, head over to the Learn forward slash collective or send me a DM we can answer some questions from you. Look, this is the best thing that you'll ever do for your CAFS career, no matter where you are on your journey. No matter how much time you have. If you're even one of our members, Chantelle No, she is the deputy principal of her school, a new deputy principal, and she has loved everything we've got to offer so far. So I'd really love to hear from you guys over the next couple of weeks about the CAFS collective. Send me a message send me a DM and I'll endeavour to get back to you guys pretty quickly. So in the meantime, thank you so much. I can't wait to support you over the next two weeks and beyond inside the CAFS collective. Thanks so much guys. Have a great night. We'll see you tomorrow night as well as real as the rest of the week really on Thursday. We we really ramp it up with my free webinars if you'd like to have access to that there is a special link that you need to go to to the loan forward slash access is our webinar and inside that webinar, I'm going to share with you a 30 page booklet resources, everything you need to set your kids up for success right now, as well as support you in your CAFS journey. So thanks so much, guys. 


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