In this episode of The Learning Network's Community & Family Studies Podcast, I uncover the power of purposeful feedback in the CAFS classroom.

Marking with only ticks, crosses and a number is not enough. This method doesn't allow students to grow & develop their skills & understanding.

By providing valuable, individualised feedback, you can help your students visualise a clear pathway forward & guide them to achieve the marks you, they & you school want.

Listen as I unpack some strategies to make your life so much easier when tailoring your feedback to your students & enabling them to succeed! 

I also chat about my Marking Experience in CAFS offer which has just re-launched! Sign up to join me and 3 expert guests for a day of clarity & confidence building so you can expertly prepare you students for the HSC!

Find out more below!

Find out more about CAFS Marking Experience HERE

Show Notes 

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Want to know more about The Learning Network's Marking Experience in CAFS? Check it out HERE!


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