Strategic Approaches to the IRP

Have you been looking for a more strategic approach to the way you incorporate the IRP in your CAFS classroom, but have struggled to have the time to implement it?

In my Strategic Approaches to the IRP course, I will break down my top approaches and processes so you can gain some balance back and your students can feel confident with research skills and you will see success in their results.

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Strategic Approaches to the IRP

Have you been looking for a more strategic approach to the way you incorporate the IRP in your CAFS classroom, but have struggled to have the time to implement it?

In my Strategic Approaches to the IRP course, I will break down my top approaches and processes so you can gain some balance back and your students can feel confident with research skills and you will see success in their results.

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 Are you ready for a GAME CHANGER?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed about spending countless hours marking the IRP?
Let me guide you in a more strategic approach to the IRP with your students so you are not spending all of your holidays marking in order to regain some balance back.

Are you worried that your students often struggle to see the big picture in this unit of work?
Let me show you how you can embed the key research skills as you are on the IRP journey so that your students really get the purpose and meaning behind Research Methodology.

Are you concerned there is a gap between skills, the IRP process and results in the HSC?
Let me share how I embed the concepts of this core while my students are doing their IRP so that they will see connections between the concepts and feel success with HSC questions.

This course will provide you with the confidence to teach the IRP in a more strategic way.

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It’s not enough for me to give you a great course and say good luck with it, go on and tackle it yourself!

My Strategic Approaches to the IRP course is a career changer!

I provide you with all that you need to facilitate the IRP with your CAFS Crew without the stress and overwhelm.

This course gives you a mountain of information, resources and tools to strategically and confidently support your students on their journey to success for the IRP.

The best part? You will have so many resources to make it a HUGE success with your CAFS Crew.  

This will support you

Facilitating the IRP is key to students' understanding and applying the content in research methodology and
is only available through Strategic Approaches to the IRP. 

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Who are teaching in their first few years wanting to make a smooth transition to facilitate the IRP.


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Who are looking to work smarter, not harder with a more streamlined approach to the IRP.

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Who are wanting to make strategic connections with their IRP focus and links within the course.


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How to Successfully Facilitate the IRP

Without sacrificing your time & wellbeing!



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Clear processes.

Develop intimate knowledge and application of every step of the research process so you can confidently facilitate the IRP with your students. 

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Link concepts.

Build on the concepts of research methodology so your students can articulate the links between the IRP and content knowledge.

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HSC preparation.

Connect and apply specific research methodology content and skills that will successfully prepare your students for the HSC.

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Ongoing support.

Connect with me outside of our session via my Private Facebook Group to regularly seek feedback about where you are up to in your journey.

Strategic Approaches to the IRP is for teachers who are ready to feel CONFIDENT & see real RESULTS!

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BUILD on your knowledge, GAIN confidence and increase your students’ SUCCESS with practical learning experiences, resources, templates, tools and approaches to tackle the IRP more strategically.


Guiding you with the right advice 

I was like you once... I would search for a better way to approach the IRP.

Often I would be so stressed as I would have no idea about how I would get my WHOLE class across the line.

Whether you’re a Newbie or Experienced CAFS teacher, there’s something in
Strategic Approaches to the IRP for everyone.

I step you through the whole IRP process so you feel super confident AND ready to apply the process to the
Research Methodology content.

My course has been developed with you in mind as I provide you will all you need to take steps towards having a more strategic approach to the IRP.


The results speak for themselves...

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"Completing this course has been a game-changer for teaching the Research Methodology Unit! I didn't have the knowledge and understanding to conduct a teacher-facilitated IRP; however, this course steps you through each process in bite-size pieces. Kelly responds promptly to questions and her years of experience shine through in the resources she provides. My students also loved the whole-class approach, making this historically 'massive' task, far more manageable. I would recommend this course."

Petria Briggs
(CAFS Teacher)
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"The Strategic Approaches to the IRP course is valuable and has so many great takeaways, whether you are a Beginning Teacher or an experienced CAFS Teacher. This course will encourage you to reflect on your practice and how you deliver the IRP as well as how you can support student learning by providing valuable feedback. Kelly has harnessed her extensive CAFS knowledge and expertise to deliver a unique course that supports the learning journey of all participants."

(CAFS Teacher)

Ready to make the change?



Module by module, let's go...

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Module 1: A More Strategic Approach 

The lessons:

  • Connections in CAFS - Develop strong connections across the course is key to establishing intentional decisions and directions in the course. 
  • Assessment Requirements - Let’s ensure you are aware of and are following all of the necessary assessment and IRP requirements so you are ready for compliance
  •  Choices - Uncover the choices and flexibility you have as a CAFS teacher so you can make positive decisions for you and your CAFS students. 
Kelly Bell's hands typing on computer keyboard

Module 2: IRP Topics and Links

The lessons:

  • Big Picture - Strategise about linking the focus to an area of course content so students work strategically.
  • Focus of Research - Explore both a hypothesis and a question so students know the difference between the two and can develop a direct link to the CAFS course content. 
  • Decide on your Pathway - Explore the various pathways that you and your students can take with the research focus of your IRP. 
Sneak peak into 3 pages of IRP Module 3

Module 3: Embedding Teaching & Learning Activities

The lessons:

  • Syllabus Order - Strengthen the progress you take through the syllabus, so your students apply their knowledge and understanding with hands-on learning. 
  • IRP Process - Let’s teach the research process step by step, so your students are aware of each stage of the research process. 
  • IRP Product - Develop a clear understanding of the parts of the IRP, so you can make informed decisions about what is going to be assessed. 

Image of Kelly Bell behind a podcast microphone

Module 4: Links to Research Methodology for HSC Success 

The lessons:

  • Recipe to Success - Unpack the key ingredients that are required to develop successful CAFS students and develop ways to teach this application and skills throughout Research Methodology, so students can build on their skills for success.  
  • Exam Preparation - Implement strategies to break down exam prep questions and annotate answers throughout the unit of work. 
  • Modelling & Annotations - Build on exam preparation through mapping, modelling and annotations throughout the unit of work and develop a clear strategy to prepare students strategically for exam questions all the way through.
Kelly Bell sitting at a computer smiling at the screen

Module 5: Utilising Google Apps for Efficiency


The lessons:

  • Storing and Organising Data using Google - Uncover the power of using Google to store and organise data and develop a streamlined approach to store and organise data so your students can access data easily. 
  • Google Drive - Build out your folders in your organisational system online to be used throughout the research process so all of your students can access data.  
  • Using Google Apps - Experiment with using Google Apps to streamline the process of storing and organising data.
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Module 6: Utilising Google Apps for Efficiency

 The lessons:

  • Google Forms - Use Google Forms to easily collect data for primary research through questionnaires and interviews, so students can streamline the process of data collection and interpretation.
  • Google Sheets - Experiment with Google Sheets to analyse and interpret primary data so students can streamline the process of explicitly analysing and interpreting primary data. 
  • Google Docs - Strengthen the use of Google Docs to analyse, interpret and discuss primary data so students can streamline the process of explicitly analysing, interpreting and discussing results from primary data.
Sneak peak into of IRP Module 7

Module 7: Assessing the IRP

 The lessons:

  • Assessment Requirements - Develop a crystal clear understanding about how we can assess our students for success in the IRP.
  • Task Description & Marking Guidelines - Establish a deeper understanding about the development of a task description and marking guidelines for the IRP. 
  • Feedback - Implement feedback strategies that are based on research so we can provide rich, meaningful and explicit feedback to our students, helping move themselves forward and strive for success.
Sneak peak into 3 pages of IRP Module 8

Module 8: Making Judgments of the IRP

 The lessons:

  • Preparation - Implement preparation strategies prior to marking & develop practical steps to make marking more streamlined so you are organised. 
  • Marking - Mark student responses accurately using the marking guidelines so students are awarded marks accordingly. 

  • Accurate & Reliable Judgements - Make accurate and reliable judgements to student responses with effective feedback so they can see where they are in their learning journey and what they can do to improve. 


You're also going to get access to:

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BONUS #1 Mini Course: Purposeful Assessment
in Year 12 CAFS

This BONUS course guides you to unpack the teaching, learning and assessment cycle AND explore key NESA documents and requirements; so assessment requirements are clear and reflective in assessment documentation


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 BONUS #2: Revision and exam preparation questions in CAFS

– Shared approaches to teaching & learning activities

– Time saving tips & processes

– Practical applications of course concepts

– Templates, resources & revision resources 

– Downloadable PDFs

Ready to see the change?

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"A really well planned and delivered professional learning opportunity. Perfect for first-time teachers of the CAFS syllabus. Going from feeling overwhelmed to confident in such a short period of time was priceless! Kelly is very relatable, quick to respond to questions and facilitates a very supportive Facebook group for ongoing collaboration. Highly recommended."

Brooke Willcox
(CAFS Teacher)

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"The skills and advice that Kelly has provided with me, and now my students, during Strategic Approaches to the IRP has been extremely helpful. It has certainly assisted me to make the IRP so much less time consuming and stressful, and I am hopeful that my students will also find this as they complete it. Thanks so much Kelly."

(CAFS Teacher)

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"Thank you so much Kelly for providing such a valuable insight into the IRP and how it doesn't need to be this mammoth task for the students and marking process of us teachers. Your knowledge and resources you have shared with us will be implemented into my classroom. I am looking forward to completing another course with The Learning Network. "

Karina Iogha
(CAFS Teacher)

Kelly Bell standing on a balcony holding a mug of tea with trees in the background

Hey! I'm Kelly. 

My teaching journey included Community & Family Studies since 2004, growing the course from about 15 students to over 60 students in a small all-girls school and then spending 2.5 years teaching CAFS at a senior high school.

Teaching CAFS early on it was just me, the syllabus and a textbook!
I had NO IDEA what I was doing. TRUST ME.

Early on I realised that CAFS teachers needed (and wanted) even more support and as a result I did all I could to share my love. This looked like co-authoring two textbooks, presenting numerous study sessions and mentoring teachers at professional development days and conferences.

As I grew as a leader in CAFS, I became so passionate about helping CAFS teachers and would daydream about doing this fulltime. THIS BECAME A REALITY.

Guiding you through best practice to improve knowledge, increase empowerment and alleviate stress to help you and your students to make meaningful connections in Community & Family Studies is something that motivates me every day.

If you are ready to take your CAFS Crew to the next level without impacting your sleep and wellbeing in the process, you’re in the right place. 

I can't wait to work together!

- Kelly xxx


Good, because there's something
I need to tell you.

I know exactly how it feels like to want more for your students....

As a PDHPE & CAFS teacher I have been there and done that.


Experienced Prelim & HSC CAFS teacher of 16 years

Co-author of two CAFS textbooks

Presenter of PL across NSW for over 12 years

Founder of go-to spaces for CAFS teachers to connect



Develop clear pathways & skills...

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Clear expectations and routines to get your whole class moving in the same direction.

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Develop the focus of the IRP research & the various links to content for success.

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Develop a clear pathway for embedding teaching & learning activities.

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Develop assessment requirements, marking guidelines & feedback.

If you're ready to help your students to go from just getting through to THRIVING in the IRP...

This course has everything you need!

Strategic Approaches to the IRP


You will have me to support you in making changes about how to approach the IRP more strategically.


  • Presenter- guiding you step by step
  • NESA and syllabus requirements
  • Sample assessment task
  • Choices to consider
  • Templates and resources
  • Classroom based approaches
  • Supporting teaching & learning strategies
  • Tools to support your process
  • Assessment questions
  • Constant access to presenter via email and social media support
  • 12 Hour NESA Accredited PD 

IRP + The CAFS Collective


Pair this course with The CAFS Collective and have more support than ever before!

Get everything Strategic Approaches has to offer PLUS The CAFS Collective resources & support:

  • MONTHLY MASTERCLASSES - exploring various areas of content to help you & your students leap forward with confidence.
  • GUEST EXPERTS - Learn from experts in the field to go deeper with your knowledge & understanding.
  • VIDEO RESOURCE LIBRARY - Access to all recorded sessions plus pre-recorded content to help you fast-track success.
  • RESOURCES & TEMPLATES - Access to engaging resources to help save your time & wellbeing.
IRP PDF for PL approvalĀ 
Completing Strategic Approaches to the IRP will contribute 12 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum/Early Years Learning Framework addressing standard descriptors 2.1.2, 2.3.2, 3.2.2, 3.3.2, 5.1.2, 5.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
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"Fantastic course. Invaluable knowledge from such a professional, dedicated teacher. Resources are fantastic and loved that the course was self paced. Looking forward to jumping in on further courses with Kelly."

Karen Banks
(CAFS Teacher)

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"The Strategic Approaches to the IRP course is valuable and has so many great takeaways, whether you are a Beginning Teacher or an experienced CAFS Teacher. This course will encourage you to reflect on your practice and how you deliver the IRP as well as how you can support student learning by providing valuable feedback. Kelly has harnessed her extensive CAFS knowledge and expertise to deliver a unique course that supports the learning journey of all participants."

(CAFS Teacher)

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"The Strategic Approaches to the IRP course is excellent. Kelly provides so many easy to use resources and lots of personalised support. I would highly recommend this course if you are looking for a new way to approach the IRP with your students."


Lee Ralston
(CAFS Teacher)

Kelly Bell sitting and smiling at the camera with her hands in her lap, a wall and artwork in the background


YOU are ready!


Signing up for PD is pointless if you are not seen and are just a bum on a seat.

Surely you’ve been made to attend professional development that is not aligned to your professional learning goals and provides you with minimal support on your Community & Family Studies journey.

While it might be good to have the day off school and have lunch catered for, you often feel like you are just a number in a big room of teachers who dominate the conversation and you don't get heard...

Strategic Approaches to the IRP is completely different.



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Proud to have worked with...

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Ready for your students to smash the IRP?


This is an ideal time to go all in and look at a more strategic approach to the way you deliver Research Methodology and support your students in the IRP process.

My Strategic Approaches to the IRP course will give you the confidence, resources and tools to approach the IRP with strategy and direction.

Make the change to support your students right from the get go!


My Mission

To provide all of the support, encouragement, resources and information you need to help your CAFS Crew succeed without compromising your time & wellbeing in the process!

Kelly Bell sitting on a coach smiling and holding a laptop

Will you be the next CAFS teacher to join
Strategic Approaches to the IRP?

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I acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians on whose land I walk, work & live.
This land was and always will be the land of the First Nations People. 

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