#43 Having Freedom and Flexibility

burn out business educator to entrepreneur goals mindset stress success teacher wellbeing Dec 08, 2022
The Learning Network Podcast Episode 43, Having Freedom and Flexibility with Kelly Bell

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast, we're talking about how you can have the freedom and flexibility, both in the life that you create for yourself and inside your own business!

No matter where you're at in life, what your life looks like or where it's going, you have to create that magic by working out what's going to work for you, your family, your happiness and your wellbeing!

Throughout the episode I share my journey into entrepreneurship as an educator. I chat about how I started and the challenges that I face, but also the freedom and flexibility that I now have inside my business.

My husband Daniel shared an analogy with me today about that fact that some people don't start at the deep end or doing an ocean swim, they start out by dipping their toe in the water in the shallow end and move up to the next level bit by bit. I love that analogy for educators dipping their toes into creating something of their own.

So if you want to dip your toe in and put the first wheels in motion while you're still in the classroom or if you're transitioning out of the classroom and want the freedom that having your own business affords, listen along. This podcast episode will unpack what I've done to set up that flexibility, both for myself and for my family. 

So listen along and grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/43 to take the first steps towards unlocking your business potential!

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