#42 Burnt Out But Not Broken

burn out educator to entrepreneur goals impact stress support teacher wellbeing Dec 07, 2022
The Learning Network Episode 42, Burnt Out But Not Broken with Kelly Bell

In today's podcast episode, I chat to you about a few little things I did when I first started my Educator to Entrepreneur journey.

I will chat about how I started, how I dove straight in head first and what I did to make the most of what I had to offer and the skills in my back pocket!

After leaving the classroom, I went from three weeks of sitting on the lounge feeling very down to saying "You know what, I'm not going to be impacted by this, this is going to add fuel to my fire to actually make a bigger impact on education." And now, 2.5 years later, I have made a successful business out of doing just that.

So listen along and grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/42 to take the first steps towards unlocking your business potential!

Ready to dive right in to your business? Visit thelearnnet.com/membership to learn more about my Educator to Entrepreneur Membership and how I can use my expertise to help guide and support you!