#41 My Journey from Educator to Entrepreneur

business educator to entrepreneur success support Dec 07, 2022
The Learning Network Podcast Episode 41, My Journey from Educator to Entrepreneur with Kelly Bell

In this episode of The Learning Network Podcast, I'm sharing a little bit about my educator to entrepreneur journey!

Although lifting the lid off my business is something I'm a bit nervous about, I can't wait to show you the potential inside my business as well as what I've been able to do to support my community of beautiful CAFS teachers!

This episode will dive into my journey from leaving the classroom to jumping head first into creating a business of my own by unlocking the full potential of the skills I had sitting in my back pocket.

I will also be helping you think about what YOU have in your back pocket! What is your area of expertise that can be used to deliver massive value to your community? Where are the gaps in the market?

So listen along and grab the show notes at thelearnnet.com/41 to take the first steps towards unlocking your business potential!

Ready to dive right in to your business? Visit thelearnnet.com/membership to learn more about my Educator to Entrepreneur Membership and how I can use my expertise to help guide and support you!